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Chihui Yong

Chihui Yong

Speech-Language Pathologist

Chihui enjoys working with children with Cerebral Palsy, Autism and ADHD. She also helps adults with Dysarthria and Aphasia. The core issues she addresses include speech fluency, articulation, language disorders, social-communication and swallowing difficulties.
Her love for languages and the sciences spurs her to keep learning and use her skills to help others improve on their communication (and swallowing) function. While using evidence based approaches to help her clients, she strives to make the therapy sessions fun and engaging to derive the best outcome.
She strongly advocates good cooperation between therapist and family members to provide the best support for her clients to achieve their long-term goals. Her dedication is reflected in the tremendous effort and time she invests into customising her clients’ therapy according to their interests and ensuring their goals stay within their Zone of Proximal Development. While she adopts a warrior persona at work, she’s really a shy person and you’ll never catch her dancing in public.


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