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Dynamic Movement Intervention (DMI) & Cueves Medek Exercise (CME)

Dynamic Movement Intervention (DMI)

DMI is a therapeutic technique used in physical and occupational therapy to treat children with motor delay by improving automatic postural responses and promoting progress towards developmental milestones. The goal of DMI is to provoke a specified active motor response from the child in response to defining dynamic exercises prescribed by the therapist.
This technique stimulates neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to form, and reorganise synaptic connections, especially in response to learning or experience after injury. The ability of children’s brains to recover from insults is unparalleled. Children have long since been known to recover better from traumatic insults like stroke or hemispherectomy, especially if they occur within the first year of life
Dynamic Movement Intervention (DMI) focuses on:

Cuevas Medek Exercise (C.M.E)

CME focuses on gross motor skills. It is a therapy approach that helps children become independent and gain self-confidence. For 40 years, CME Therapy. has been proven effective worldwide, with a vast majority of patients improving significantly after only a few months of therapy
Benefits of consistent CME therapy
At Amirs Therapy Gym, a trial period is proposed to demonstrate the short-term results of this therapy. CME is done either as a stand-alone, with options of hourly sessions or intensive programme. It is also done as part of our intensive protocol, where other modalities are used in our 4 or 6 weeks programme.
How does CME work?
The therapy works on a relationship built between the physical therapist and the child. The therapist works with the children and their parents to gather information about their disorder, and what their motor capabilities are at the beginning of their therapy.
After the initial testing and building a relationship with the child, the physical therapist moves into the therapy, easing the patient through a series of exercises, of which they are 3,000 to choose from. These exercies are designed to build the patient’s strength and stretch out weak muscles.
As the child advances through therapy, the physiotherapist will progress to the set of gross motor skills that are imperative to the child’s development. As soon as the child is able to stand, both with or without ankle support, the therapy moves onto floor exercises. These exercises are done with various pieces of CME therapy equipment that were created to give the child a sense of balance and agility. Thus, helping them to grow and reinforce the physiotherapy they have gone through.
CME is introduced to children as young as three months old to better aid the child in developing his or her core muscles. Through vigorous sessions on a daily schedule over the course of several months, most children see a marked improvement in their ability to stand, sit, and walk on their own.

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